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Fiona Christie

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Fiona Christie is a love attraction and mindset coach, author of Shopping List for Love, Shopping List for Life and One Minute Goals. She has been coaching for 20 years helping women in midlife attract their dream partner so they can:

- share their life with someone who aligns with their vision to create beautiful experiences and memories together; and
- stop excessive dating and negative relationship patterns.

Her programs help you uncover and release your negative patterns from the past which have been blocking you from attracting the partner you long to create memories with.

Fiona realised after the end of her second marriage that she needed to uncover the secret to attracting and keeping the relationship she longed for.  She used her own process to align with her life partner and now shares her programs with others so they can fast track their journey to love.

A minset coach for 20 years, Fiona has worked with private and public sectors, womens groups and individuals so they too can overturn their limiting beliefs and create the relationships they know they deserve.

Fiona has also worked extensively in the area of understanding your money values, personality, and relationship to money - having facilitated her own program and those of a well known budget advisory service.  

Fiona works with clearing beliefs from the past so you can create a joyful, committed relationship in your future.

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